Active's Page

Spring 2016 Best Actives
To be considered active in HKN you must complete the following each semester:
  • Three pledge or active meetings
  • One service event
  • Four social events
  • Four E-week events
  • One society event (Tech Core Night, Peer Advising Night, Sig Party)
  • One Fireside or Lunch and Learn
  • Attend the end of semester banquet for free (with a date!)
  • Wear HKN stole if active your graduating semester
  • Interact with new pledges and other members

Big Information

Spring 2016 Best Bigs
HKN Psi Chapter has a big-little program, in which pledges are assigned actives to guide them through the pledging process and to introduce them to the organization. Being a big is among the most fun things you can do as a HKN active! You will meet and mentor pledges and will be invited to all Pledge events! Please contact the Recording Secretary at the beginning of the semester if you would like to be a Big that semester.
Bigs are required to complete the following:
  • Four Pledge meetings
  • One Big/Little Meeting/Social
  • One service event with littles
  • Three social events (all three with littles)
  • One society event
  • One Fireside or Lunch and Learn with littles
  • Two E-week events with littles