Pledge Corner

Benefits of joining HKN
  • Community: Meet fun people, and make new friends. Play foosball, and attend great events!
  • Prestige: Be part of the coolest society in the department!
  • Networking: Create good relationships with faculty and corporate representatives. Company reps come just to meet you!
Information for Prospective Pledges

The national headquarters of Eta Kappa Nu requires that pledges be in the top 25% of their class during their junior year or in the top 33% of their class during their senior year. In addition, Psi Chapter requires that pledges be in Full major sequence during their pledge semester. During the pledge process, prospective members are required to participate in various service and social activities to encourage pledges to network with peers, faculty, and people in industry.

Spring 2016 Pledge Class

Pledge Awards

Spring 2016 Best Pledge
Spring 2016 Best Sig Book

Requirements for Pledging

The requirements fall under four categories: Pledge Meetings, HKN Hours and Events, Big/Little Hours, and Miscellaneous. The requirements for all four categories must be met to successfully pledge.
Attend ALL pledge meetings (4 total)
Pledge meetings are held Tuesday nights.
Dates are available on our calendar.
If you cannot attend all of the meetings during the semester you are pledging due to any conflict (including class or work), please contact the recording secretary.
Complete the following events and talks:
Three service events (Habitat for Humanity, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, Explore UT, etc.)
Four social events
Two society events (Tech Core Night, Peer Advising Night, Sig Party)
Four E-week events
Two fireside chats
One tech talk
Two dress-up week events
One coffee chat or progress interview
Some notes:

Fulfill Big/Little Requirements*
One Big/Little social meeting
Two Big/Little social event
Two E-week events with Bigs
One Service event with Bigs
One Fireside/Lunch and Learn with Bigs
*Note: Big/Little Requirements can be used for general requirements as well

Complete an introduction interview and briefly chat with an officer
Turn in a completed signature book at Smoker. Requirements are below.
Take and pass the pledge quiz
Attend Smoker. Smoker for Spring 2017 is April 29th.
Attend Initiation. Initiation for Spring 2017 is April 30th.
Pay dues of $90.
Some notes:

Please note that some variations will occur from semester to semester, but the basic pledge requirements will always be the same.

The Signature Book

Required signatures
Two signatures from two of the three HKN Faculty Advisors
Five signatures from ECE faculty members
Nine signatures from all of the HKN officers
Ten signatures from active HKN members (not including the officers)
Ten signatures from pledges (not including yourself).
Total of 36 signatures.

Example Sig Books

Rosa's sig book. View 1. Rosa's sig book. View 2.
Rosa M. Avilla, Spring 2003
Clarissa's sig book
Clarissa Lui, Fall 2002

Pledge Quiz

Here's a list of things to do and study in preparation for the pledge quiz:

Don't sweat it if you don't pass. We might be inclined to give you another chance!

Pledges Mailing List

Each semester we place all of our pledges on the pledges mailing list in order to communicate with them during the pledge process. If you are a pledge but are not on the pledges list please contact an officer to get yourself added.