General Services for Students

Course Notes Sales

HKN publishes and sells course notes during the fall, spring, and summer semesters for the ECE faculty.

Have a look at the course notes page for information about our course notes offerings.

Free Tutoring

Student receiving tutoring from a peer.

HKN assists the department with free tutoring for lower division undergraduate EE courses.

Tutoring is held every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7 to 9 pm during the fall and spring semesters. Just come by ENS 314 to get some help from our knowledgeable ECE juniors and seniors.


During registration advising periods, HKN members are available to answer questions for lower-division ECE students. Come by ENS 129 for some advice about classes and professors from your peers.

HKN Help Desk

Students at the HKN help desk

The HKN Help Desk is a new service aimed at ECE freshmen, sophomores, and new transfer students.

The primary focus of HKN Help Desk is to provide general advice for students who are new to ECE and UT. We'll field questions about anything. Want to know where the best coffee is? Want to know what EE 333T is all about? Any time the HKN office is open, feel free to walk in and ask us some questions.

Tech Core Night

Every fall and spring semester, HKN hosts Tech Core Night for ECE undergraduate students. Students can learn more about the technical core options that are part of the ECE degree from professors and industry representatives.